Welcome to the Nentir Vale!

Nerath, the last empire, has fallen. Kingdoms have risen and fallen in the aftermath, but the Nentir Vale has remained fairly sedate…but in recent times, the Vale has started to become more dangerous. Forces that had previously hidden in the shadows have begun to emerge, threatening to folk of the Vale, and the forces of the remaining nobles are not up to the task. The Vale is in desperate need of heroes, to save it from enemies both old and new – can you be those heroes?

770px nentir vale

This is my introduction to the new D&D 4th Edition game I will (hopefully) be running, Reclaiming the Vale. It takes place in the default setting present in the D&D core books, the area known as the Nentir Vale (check the link for some info on the Nentir Vale area).

As for the details, if you are interested, you can contact me through the site, or by my e-mail at jacobgreyfang@gmail.com. I’ll be running mostly published adventures, with some alterations, at least through 8th level or so. Characters will start at 1st level, and can be of virtually any race or class currently available for 4th Edition from Wizards of the Coast products. New players are welcome; I’ll be glad to help anyone who asks with making a character and getting started.

The game will begin in the town of Fallcrest (right in the center of the map), but will range around to various places, from Kiris Dahn to the west, to the Stonefang Mountains to the north, and from Harkenwold to the southeast to Winterhaven and the mysteries of Gardmore Abbey. I have some published adventures I like, and some good ideas, but no plan survives contact with players, so I’m ready to go completely off the rails.

If you’re interested, please let me know, and I’ll get the game started as soon as I can!

Reclaiming the Vale